8 Reasons to Prove Why Blogging for B2B Marketers is an Incredible Marketing Tool

Blogging, a term we all are familiar with by now. It initially used to be a practice which was followed by very low number of people and even blogging as a career was barely opted by anyone. But today the scenario is inverse. There is hardly any online business, which can survive without blogging. And if we talk about B2B portals, blogging for B2B marketers is a boon in this digital era.

The logic behind this is very simple. If you are running an online business, you have to follow Google’s norms to rank up higher in the world’s most popular search engine. And as per search engine tactics CONTENT IS THE KING! Yes you must have heard this sentence many a times by people who deal with online business. But for people, who are still not much aware of it, I will explain. Content is the king means that you can’t attract visitors or traffic to your website if there isn’t any content on it.

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Now, not only the content is enough, but a rich and unique content is needed for your websites to rank up higher in search engines because that is how you attract your visitors to your website. And how will you achieve this rich and unique content?

Absolutely, the answer is BLOGGING! Blogging is a technique through which you can’t only attract visitors to your website but also increase your sales with a huge figure. It is a phenomenal tool of marketing in today’s era. Let us serve you with amazing reasons, as to why blogging is an incredible marketing tool for B2B marketers.

  • It is an inexpensive method of marketing unlike other methods of advertisement. It advertises your brand in a different and in an affordable manner. Even low budget start-ups can make it big very soon with blogging.
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  • Through blogs you can interlink as well as exchange external links (commonly called as back-links) with websites of your similar niche. If the opposite website has good domain and page authority than you, it can be highly beneficial for your website.
  • Blogs are  just not the words, they are the voice of a human who tries to convey his/her thoughts, views and insights to the reader. Blogs are the great 24×7 communicators, which speak a lot about your brand, even when you are not face to face with your client.
  • A blog can be potentially used for converting your passive readers into active buyers. It can directly bring you high number of conversions through clickable links and call to action buttons. If your customer likes reading your blogs posts and articles, it is likely to observe that they will come back again to your website and this is sure to convince them to purchase your product or use or service.
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  • Blogs can be made highly interactive through videos, graphics and other animation features which could be a very good way of presenting your brand in front of your clients.
  • Blogs can easily be shared through all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc where you don’t have to work much harder for the traffic because your target audience will itself come to you.
  • You can set a fire through blog by running social media campaigns of your new schemes, product launches, discounts, offers etc. This technique is much affordable than traditional form of marketing which requires a lot of manpower and time. This is reachable to enormous number of people not only in your country but also across borders. Social media campaigns if ran successfully can set a milestone for your business and this all through a good content blog.
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  • You can answer common questions about your product through a blog and can satisfy your clients in a single approach without spending your time. Your content which needs to be created once, can work for hundreds of your clients and for years! Isn’t that amazingly profitable?

Now, that you have learnt so many benefits of blogging for B2B marketers, apply it for your business and start reaping its fruits from the DAY 1.