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An online global B2B Marketplace for Exporters within India. The website provides services for exporters to showcase their products across the world.

Expogini is a global B2B marketplace where B2B Products and services from top Indian exporters on Expogini.com are seen by millions of potential buyers from different part of the world. Get connected to potential buyers from the globe and export your products from India to any part of the world only from Expogini.com. Global B2B marketplace and our state-of-the-art portal, buyers can now easily get access to live reports for the best business to business marketing tips as well as increasing product sales from whole sale suppliers who can ship to every part of the world without limitation.

Get your business promoted by adding listings of your products

Find Catalogs and Contact thousands of potential companies

Get Access to Live Reports, and Business Analytics in your dashboard.

Get up to date Industry news, Events and leading trends

Benefits of Buyers


  • See Buyers Page
  • View Expo recommended Companies
  • Order Samples Directly from Company
  • Checkout Complete Exporter’s Information
  • See List of Retail and Wholesale Products
  • You can Share your Styles with Potential Sellers

Global B2b Marketplace

global b2b marketplace

Benefits of Sellers


  • Easy Catalog to be made by ExpoGini.Com
  • You will own an online Individual Store
  • Social Media Presence
  • Personal Sales Dashboard
  • Get Exposure to Worldwide B2B Services
  • Export, Retail and Wholesale of Your Products
  • Free Online Catalogue for B2B Products
  • Instant Updates and Notifications when buyers checkout your products
  • You will be listed on our exporter’s page

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